Security Defender PRO 2015 Removal Process (remove SecurityDefenderPRO2015)

April 1, 2015 – 11:57 am

Security Defender PRO 2015 is a deceptive application known for offering its service of detecting and removing computer viruses on a Windows PC. The Security Defender PRO 2015 program may load up erroneous pop-up alerts and system scans attempting to impersonate the legitimate Microsoft Security Essentials program. Through its repeated alerts and system scan results, [...]

PacMan Ransomware Removal Process (remove PacManRansomware)

March 26, 2015 – 10:31 am

PacMan Ransomware is a deceptive threat message that contains a malicious link to a Dropbox where additional malware may be initiated to be installed on a Windows PC. The PacMan Ransomware threat, much like other ransomware infections on a computer, makes false claims on its alert message. In the case of PacMan Ransomware, it may [...]

Protective Antivirus 2015 Removal Process (remove ProtectiveAntivirus2015)

March 26, 2015 – 9:33 am

Protective Antivirus 2015 is a bogus antivirus application that may mimic the look and operations of known legitimate antivirus programs for Windows PCs. The Protective Antivirus 2015 program may have an interface that looks similar to well-known antivirus products that you can purchase from various trusted download sites or vendors that supply security programs from [...]

Ransomware.GVU Removal Process (remove RansomwareGVU)

March 25, 2015 – 11:55 am

Ransomware.GVU (Gesellschaft zur Verfolgung von Urheberrechtsverletzungen) is a deceptive threat message that may display across your Windows desktop making claims of detecting illegal download activity on your computer. The claims made by Ransomware.GVU may not be confirmed as they are most likely fabricated. The goal of Ransomware.GVU is to get computer users to purchase key [...]

Defender Pro 2015 Removal Process (remove DefenderPro2015)

March 24, 2015 – 3:06 pm

Defender Pro 2015 is a fake anti-virus program that is exploited by hackers to lure computer users so they willingly spend money on the Defender Pro 2015 application. Defender Pro 2015 may resemble a legitimate antivirus program but it does not have the functionality to remove computer viruses as it claims. Upon installing from a [...]

CryptoFortress Ransomware Removal Process (remove CryptoFortress)

March 9, 2015 – 9:36 am

CryptoFortress Ransomware is a major threat that is known to display repeated messages on the desktop of a Windows PC claiming that files have been encrypted. The CryptoFortress Ransomware threat will then give you options to decrypt files but only through purchase of an encryption key through e-payment systems. The CryptoFortress Ransomware threat message is [...]

TeslaCrypt Ransomware Removal Process (remove TeslaCrypt)

March 9, 2015 – 8:44 am

TeslaCrypt Ransomware is a very dangerous malware threat that is prone to encrypting files where it may damage those files and make them unrecoverable on your computer. The TeslaCrypt Ransomware threat is usually displayed as a deceptive message claiming that your files are encrypted and the only way to decrypt them is to obtain a [...]