OpenDNS Removal Process (remove OpenDNS)

October 6, 2015 – 10:25 am

OpenDNS is a potentially unwanted program from a company that may provide free and paid services for internet security solutions. The use of the OpenDNS program may not be harmful but it could lead to annoying actions on your system or the display of random pop-up ads or messages. OpenDNS may be installed from various [...]

1-844-618-6702 Pop-Ups Removal Process (remove 18446186702)

October 6, 2015 – 9:59 am

1-844-618-6702 Pop-Ups is a misleading notification and advertisement that may offer random services for supposedly fixing computer issues. The 1-844-618-6702 Pop-Ups threat may be loaded due to installing random freeware programs or 3rd part applications that come from downloads sites on the internet. Use of the 1-844-618-6702 Pop-Ups may cause unwanted redirects loading up pages [...]

Shade Ransomware Removal Process (remove ShadeRansomware)

September 25, 2015 – 9:17 am

Shade Ransomware is a dangerous computer malware threat that is known for displaying a deceptive message making claims of the computer user being detected doing something illegal over the internet. The Shade Ransomware threat will usually take the action of encrypting files while it claims that by paying a hefty fee that the computer user [...]

Chimera Ransomware Removal Process (remove ChimeraRansomware)

September 25, 2015 – 8:55 am

Chimera Ransomware is a deceptive threat that utilizes aggressive methods to make computer users think that they have performed some illegal actions on the internet and now must pay a fee. The fee is asked to be paid while Chimera Ransomware encrypts files to hold your system for ransom. Paying the fee may provide a [...]

Ninja Ransomware Removal Process (remove NinjaRansomware)

September 22, 2015 – 4:13 pm

Ninja Ransomware is a deceptive notification that may make bogus claims of the FBI detecting you viewing child pornography. The Ninja Ransomware threat may then offer a way to pay a fine through PayPal for resolving this detection issue but not after it first encrypts your files and then holds your system for ransom. Obtaining [...]

Error code UR97L1DA2TA Pop-Ups Removal Process (remove UR97L1DA2TA)

September 17, 2015 – 10:56 am

Error code UR97L1DA2TA Pop-Ups is an adware threat that may present an error message pop-up that makes bogus claims for your system having serious issues. The Error code UR97L1DA2TA Pop-Ups threat message may be accompanied by website redirects that load up other sites or pages that offer services to supposedly fix system errors or issues. [...] Removal Process (remove

September 17, 2015 – 10:36 am is a questionable site and browser hijacker that may load up at random or as your default home page. The loading of is an indication of your system having additional components loaded on it possibly from the installation of random freeware programs obtained on the internet. The task of removing those related components [...]