August Shows a Spike in Malware Activity

September 3, 2009

According to the network security provider Fortinet's August Threatscape report, malware activity in the month of August 2009 has shown a considerable increase.

While it may not be too surprising to many security experts, malware has been in the increase for a long time now. Malware is not showing any signs of letting up and it was found certain computer parasite variants, such as ZBot, are flooding the cyberworld at record levels.

From Ecards to Trojans that steal login credentials, it is an epidemic of computer parasites like we have never seen before. According to Fortinet's report, there has been a consistent trend of software vulnerabilities increasing from just the months of July into august. A new method for hackers to attack systems is by remote. A large number of recent attacks involve cybercriminals planting or injecting websites with malicious code to infect other systems. In addition, botnets are on the increase allowing remote users to control a group of systems to perform malicious actions.

It is becoming a time when the criminals use some of the old tactics with upgraded tools that are more sophisticated and not easily detected by some security applications. New vulnerabilities such as those found in Microsoft Office Web Components, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader are just a few to name that had new exploits in the past two months. This is an easy way for an attacker to penetrate ones system to either steal personal information or compromise use of the computer.

You may ask, what can we do to protect ourselves? Security experts will tell you that the best thing you can do in the interim is make sure all of your software is up-to-date with the latest security patched applied. It is also best apply the latest definitions to your security applications as well.

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