How to regedit or edit registry in Windows?

October 11, 2007

Regedit, which is built-in in Windows 2000, XP and Vista, enables you to view, find, and modify settings in your system registry. A registry contains information about how your computer runs. Regedit can be very risky so make sure to back up, export everything before you change anything.

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. Type Regedit, and then click OK.

3. Press F3, then type the name in the box and click Find Next.

4. Then right-click, select delete.


  • mastermind says:

    me too. . . my computer was so sick infected by a worm.win32.netbooster and im so tired to get rid of this kind of malware.. It installed privacy protecter and spyware & malware protection and my My computer changed into an error cleaner icon. And every 15secs theres always pop-up on my screen like system error… The search button is not running on my screen and many programs in my pc is not working anymore.Im using win-xp, so please help me as soon as possible, it annoys me a lot..
    🙁 Can you please do a response here to help other peole like me. Thanks in anvance… :-*

  • dave says:

    I want Virus Isolator off my computer but I cannot find it in the add/delete programs and the file under Programs folder will not allow it to be deleted. Please help.

  • John says:

    thank you so much for all the help from Craig and Brayden for help with the trojan remover. i had an error message and i could not remove it with any spysweepers or other antivirus programs and it was as easy as going inot IE tools and reseting and deleting. i cant believe it was that easy and it actually worked…thank you thank you thank you!!

  • Rahul says:

    thanx craig ur a real genius…..!!!! i was wonderin how to get rid of dat piece of trash ofr such a long time n ur timely advice helped me a whole lot…..thanx a ton n man i cant leave Brayden out his translation was real helpful as well…couldn hav done it without u guys……cheers to u both…..

  • Faber29 says:

    I tried this but after step 3, I get a box saying “Finished searching through the registry” My only option is to click “ok”. I am not given the option of step 4. No results are returned. Please help. Thanks.

  • gerhard says:

    I am also a latest victim. the prompt to purchase is popping up all the time on the bottom toolbar, to buy SpyMaxx. I am reaaly not so competent. Is there someone that could help me step by step – thanx

    South Africa

  • Mary says:

    Trying to remove the Virusheat pop-up. Craig’s method didn’t work. When I try to run Redegit, but when I hit F3 nothing happened. There is no place to type in a name. And what name would I type in?

  • rm4050 says:

    Can someone please help me to simply remove this SPYMAXX from my computer?

  • carol says:

    i have this pcantispyware on my screen will not come oFF AND CAN’T GET RID OF IT . remove PLEASE HELP

  • aanmns says:

    go to the registery editor Edit>Find (not find next) or just hit ctrl+F then type the program your looking for and click Find Next

  • Ryan says:

    There is an easier way, I believe – just download/reinstall google’s toolbar and antivirus software.

  • storm says:

    Thanks for the info,in the removeal of the annoying popup. ( Worked a treat.

  • Jay says:

    Thx guys…saved me at least $50

  • Connor says:

    Thank you CRAIG and BRAYDEN! You two saved me a lot of time and frustration. 🙂

  • idgawsj says:

    i have this icon on my tool bar that keeps taking me to virusheat website and i cant figure out how to take it off i have taken it off my add/remove files but it still on my tool bar and keeps throwing a pop up out to direct me to the site can someone please give me stupid proof instructions on how to get rid of this……….thanks

  • M says:

    Craig & Ryan – You two are SAINTS!
    Great job. 🙂 Helped me out tons.

  • pish says:

    hi everybody, i ve tried all this recomendation but still not working..

    Is “PSW.x-Vir” samething?

    Thank you!

  • mark says:

    it did not work for me how do i get ride of the virusheat pop up

    i tried the removal process but it did not work

  • Matt says:

    I have experianced the same thing as lou and Tonny. Which name exactly do I type into the “box”, when i tried typing “Webcry”, all it said was that registry was completed. Please help… it’s very annoying.

  • Yang says:

    someone plz help me virusheat is on my computer and i dont know how to get it off i have tried most of the suggestions posted including craigs plz help me someone…

  • Ed says:

    Cheers Craig ..and ryan for translating 🙂

    Appears to do the trick….

    Temp inet files was the first thing i looked at ..but the rest didnt occur to me so cheers!!

  • oko says:

    help me with my coputer

  • Lori says:

    I did what brayden said but pop-ups and that homepage is still the same can someone please help me.

  • Sandee says:

    Wow. I was trying to remove the WebCry hijacker, and Craig’s tip about deleting TIF and resetting security levels to default worked! Thanks so much. It was much easier than registry editing would have been.

  • Ali says:

    Thank you CRAIG, your are a giant , with all my respects and regards , thank youuuuuuuuuuu,,,,

  • Cain says:


    Despite that there’s many comments within here, many thanks towards Craig and Brayden. With Craig’s suggestion working for my Windows XP and Brayden’s translation, I have to say we here have yet another happy story towards the end of this wful issue.

  • Averrell says:

    Question…I dont have the pop-ups any longer but I can still see the Epxonwo Toolbar (disabled) when I view my add-ons. How can this be removed?

  • Averrell says:


  • Cy says:

    Wow as well! Brayden’s clarification of Craig’s instructions helped me get rid of that pesky “Unknown Trojan” pop-up.

    I have Vista and with the click of one reset button, it is gone(after I rebooted).

    With IE open, click Tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab; the Reset button is at the bottom. I did delete all “Cookies” beforehand.

  • canuckgal70 says:

    this regedit is hard to do, when it’s done searching, it highlights a subfolder under the “S” folder then subfolder “P” then subfolder 1593644041
    then the name on the right side is

    ab (Default) REG_SZ (value not set)
    MsgPrivacy REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0)
    Prompt REG_DWORD 0x00000000 (0)

    now my question is…is this what i delete?
    if not what?
    omg help…this murlo is really ticking me off

  • Jack says:

    Brayden thanks for clearing that up. I have XP and your instructions worked great.

  • naveen says:

    i download Avant Browser 10.1 but i just downloaded to d:/ drive, didnt gave setup .i got the error as “ur computer was infected by trojan Win32.Murlo” , i tried using
    cleared temp files
    and system restore
    nothing worked for can u any one plz help im getting this even wen i try to open a folder. i want to uninstall.

  • Andy says:

    When i open up my ie7, it freezes!

    Is there a way to fix it using Firefox?

  • Jaybay says:

    Brayden, Thanks for the advice and thanks deciphering Craig’s post. Cheers

  • Brayden says:

    my bad for the double post…

  • Brayden says:

    Wow Craig, Thank you so much. And what he is trying to say is under Internet Explorer Tools, click Internet Options. Once in Internet Options, click on the “Security” tab and click “reset all zones to default Level”. After that, click on the “Advanced” tab and click “Reset”. It will change your homepage to the default page (when you first bought the computer), but that can be changed easily. Hope this was handy.

  • Brayden says:

    Wow Craig, Thank you so much. And what he is trying to say is under IE Tools, click Internet Options. Once in Internet Options, click on the “Security” tab and click “reset all zones to default Level”. After that, click on the “Advanced” tab and click “Reset”. It will change your homepage to the default page (when you first bought the computer), but that can be changed easily. Hope this was handy.

  • ryan says:

    try craigs advice its the only thing that i found to work. thanks craig.

  • maddie says:

    Craig or Bob where are you

  • maddie says:

    I hope someone can answer us quickly im sick of that message popping up all the time

  • Lesley says:

    “all settings back” I am confused as well Craig. Are you saying to click the default button on both tabs?
    I have tried everything but the regidit process and nothing is working.
    I have questioned Norton about it and they have missed their own 48 hour turn around time in responding…….

  • maddie says:

    I have delete my temp files but do not understand the reset all settings back (advanced/security tabs)
    do you mean that i have to untick all the boxes

  • Bob says:

    Craig: You’re a genius! Thanks for your contribution to world sanity.

  • Craig says:

    to remove the trojan.win32.linkreplacer, its easier than all of these reccomendations…

    very simply, open up IE tools, delete all temporary internet files, and reset all settings back (advanced/security tabs) and restart your machine.. this should do the trick (its an IE bug)!!!!!!

    happy trails

  • AMK0436 says:

    if u cant search 4 registry …try to download tuneup has a free trial and the software includes a registry editor which is easy to use. good luck

  • nickel says:

    This trojan is so annoying! all it does is popup…i got no registries were returned also…any ideas?

  • chaparra says:

    what name do i have to put?
    and what are those codes? not on the box on the webpage

  • Darryl says:

    for step 3. you said type in the box
    what name do i type in?
    or is the name regedit i type in?
    if so in step 4 it says right click and delete do i delete the file regedit?

  • Tonny says:

    I am experiencing the same as Lou, none of the registries were returned.

  • Lou says:

    I tried this but after completing step 3,I get a box saying “Finished searching through the registry”.My only option is to click “ok” I am not given the option of step 4.

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