How to regedit or edit registry in Windows?

October 11, 2007

Regedit, which is built-in in Windows 2000, XP and Vista, enables you to view, find, and modify settings in your system registry. A registry contains information about how your computer runs. Regedit can be very risky so make sure to back up, export everything before you change anything.

1. Click Start, and then click Run.

2. Type Regedit, and then click OK.

3. Press F3, then type the name in the box and click Find Next.

4. Then right-click, select delete.


  • Clint Nagg says:

    The serious problem with malware and spyware is the fact that most persons are quite lazy when it comes to removing viruses from their computer. I guess a lot of folks are not really very tech, but with some of the guidelines you have given it must be easy to eliminate viruses.

  • Steve Washington says:

    When you get missing dll errors when you start up, does that mean you have registry problems? Can this be fixed by editing the registry or running a program?

  • Melissia Hedie says:

    How do you delete a program manually from hard drive and regedit registry? How do you know which entry folders in regedit belong to a program?

  • Marvin Stewart says:

    If you have multiple users on your PC can you still edit the HKEY_Users for microsoft software or do you have to do several edits?

  • Sim Only Deals says:

    I want to submit a quick hello and would like to say my appriciate due to this good post.

  • Casandra says:

    What are we supposed to write in the box on step 3?

  • Jason says:

    I am trying to remove personal antivirus by removing the files from the redegit area but I cannot find the files that I need to delete. Can anyone help me.

  • Sharon says:

    Hi All,

    The tip re removing temporary internet files, then restoring default internet settings works perfectly.

    The Windows Security Suite has not reappeared and the program is gone!!!

    Thanks heap!!

  • seth says:

    At step4 what do I type in.

  • Steve says:


  • Amanda says:

    Ok here in my deal spyware guard 2008 installed itself into my computer. I have attempted to delete the registry associated with it however, it will not let me run regedit. Which is not surprising since it seems to mostly have taken control over my whole computer. Please help I am at my wits end with this thing

  • sherri says:

    help………i have winweb security(that I DID”NT ask for) How do I get rid of it?? I have looked in the regedit, and don’t find, what a different web site said I should. I need help. My computer is getting slower and slower. Thanks

  • ricardo says:

    this is bulcheet i go to my layers and go to put a big demand in they ass SPYWARE GUARD 2008 IS A

  • Helen says:

    Ok winweb security has loaded on my computer I don’t know how to take it off I’ve done everthing on this site with out any luck It doesn’t show up under the task manager as winweb any idea’s as to which one i take off the task manger to help stop it it’s driving me nuts.please any help anyone….

  • susan says:

    Hi if anyone can help system antivirus 2008 is doing my head in now feel like chucking the computer up the wall. I tried deleting temp files nothing happened and i tried “Redegit” and f3 and nothing and i tried it through my control panel now im cracking up im using windows xp.

  • Jen says:

    Hi, I had been receiving the popups from this Internet Anti-virus pro, saying that I have 27 infected virus. I had been doing the search for 2 days on the net, on how to remove this popups and had tried a few steps provided above, to remove this popups and somehow the is still there. Can someone please show how the actual steps to remove this popups? It is very annoying and feeling like throwing this laptop out of the window.

  • Eyados says:

    hi all
    i have the same problem with this trojan
    at the begining, it change the desktop them to skull image…lol, and at the same time it blocks the control panel and a pop up site MS Antivirus asked me to pay 34 $ to remove this trojan….lol
    i solved this block….but it keeps pop up screens telling me that i have too down load antispy ware every 10 min.
    i deleted the temp
    , removed the plug ins
    , stoped some sevices in computer manage
    , cleaned up the hard disk
    , cleaned the internet heistory files and cookies.
    clean up registry.
    but without any change…..
    i am using windows xp

    i think the final solution is to make format

    if anyone have solution, it will be appreciated


  • Stephanie Johnson says:

    Help me. After I press F3 what name do I type in the box? And what files will I be deleting?

  • JULIUS says:

    my computer has a virus called Anitvirus 2009,pls help me to delete this bug.

    thanks in advance

  • MELISSA says:

    I have gotten a virus program WinspywareProtect on my computer. I can do everything but get on the internet. It is running slow and there are pop ups asking me to buy the license. How can I remove this? I can’t get to the internet.

  • daisy says:

    HELPPP! im trying to remove spyguarder from my programs but i couldnt find it on there, so i was referred to this page, and i STILL cant find it. please help meeeee 🙁

  • Gretchen Horwath says:

    Virus XP ANTIVIRUS2008

    Yep, I had gotten this one to. A nasty TROJAN that froze up my entire computer and DELETED many items inside the Control panel.

    This virus also turned off my internet securities and antivirus protection. So BE WARE. turning off tose items gets you stuff loaded to your desktop that you NEVER asked for and also causes multiple ad pop up as well as other pop ups. This is a nasty trojan that recks havoc with your system and fils up your temp folder beyond 6 thousand files! Filing up this folder slows down your speed and so this can also be addressed by microsoft.

    Turns out that this virus came from MICROSOFT web site upon my systems Automatic downloads of Microsoft updates.

    Seem it was attached to SERVICE PACK 3 for WINDOWS XP HOME EDITION. I had NO problems PRIOR to this UPDATE.

    I called Microsoft and had their technicians REMOVE it. I was on the phone with Microsoft from 9 Am to until 3:30 PM and so you will need to dedicate several hours to resolve this issue with microsoft.

    Since this was an ERROR on thier part; it cost me ZERO dollars to have them REMOTELY ACCESS my screen and fix the problems.

    Be sure you have Microsoft FIX all the items inside your control panel and check your setting of your antivirus / interenet securities. Items that went missing in control panel were: screensavers, themes and desktop backgrounds. So make sure that Miscrosoft restores those values as well.

    Do make sure they BACKUP all the changes under START, ALL PROGRAMS, ACCESSORIES, SYSTEM TOOLS, SYSTEM RESTORE, CREATE RESTORE POINT. Follow the rest and your will be able to restore if you encounter ADDITIONAL PROBLEMS later on.

    The last virus I had after all was fixed and cleaned up was:

    Malware Protector 2008

    You can get HELP to remove this by going to:

    MAKE sure you BACK UP your system before making any changes!

    GOOD luck and I hope this helps you!!

  • partha says:

    regedit is not enabled by administrator. But i am the administrator. so how do i enalble it

  • melody says:


    what will i do if it prompts me that , “registry editing is disabled by your adminstrator”

    thanx a lot.. im trying to remove this vista antivirus 2008..

  • Kenny says:


    Did you try SmitFraudFix?

  • Russ says:

    i am using vista & was railroaded into buying this bogus fraud.cost me $140 could i have been so stupid.forgot to ctrl-alt-delete,thinking it was a legitimate windows upgrade.cleaver little buggers eh?
    Any how,my agv antivirus has now got trojan kept in its virus vault,certainly stablised;but cant get rid of the icon on the toolbar-sidebar.tried everything.
    Any ideas out there ?,cheers.RUSS-N Z.

  • Kenny says:


    Check out

  • MARIA says:


  • Kenny says:


    This may help

    There you can find all there is about Antivirus 2008 Removal Process.

  • shrai says:

    I have got AntiVirus 2008, does anybody know of a way do fet rid of it for free (without registering)
    I have got McAfee already.

    Please help x

  • ariez says:

    well thats what you get for watching so much porn

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