Koobface Worm Returns on Facebook and MySpace

March 3, 2009

Reports of a Facebook Worm have resurfaced and after getting many tips in it was found to be the Koobface Worm which is currently affecting Facebook and MySpace social networks.

Some time ago the Koobface worm was known to be a serious parasite that may result in your system being compromised. Now a new Koobface strain surfaces back onto Facebook and MySpace that spreads through messages that appear to be sent from a friend on one of these popular social networks.

What does Koobface Worm do?

The newest Koobface worm variant is part of a phishing scam where an invitation from a user’s friend invites the recipient to click on a video link. The malicious actions happen when the recipient clicks on the link to the video and asked to install an Adobe Flash plug-in to view the video. If you are at-all familiar with fake Adobe Flash players then you know this is a well-known way for spreading malware onto computers. The fake plug-in will then install a Trojan that gives the user Koobface which in return gives the author or hacker control of the infected computer.

Koobface may result in illegal activity on your computer that you may be ultimately responsible for. Just as bad, Koobface may result in identity theft or theft of money from a banking account because the attacker is able to steal banking information from your system.

social networks

Not only is Koobface limited to spreading among Facebook and MySpace but new reports have confirmed that this dangerous worm is spreading through Friendster.com, myyearbook.com, bebo.com, lifejournal.com and hi5.com.

It is evident that Koobface is back with a serious vengeance and may be an even greater threat than any previous versions. Practicing use of caution when using any social network may help you avoid the Koobface worm infection. It is highly advisable that you never download a fake Adobe flash player from any site other than Adobe.com. Also, do not provide too much personal information on social sites which may give attackers a reason to send you a spam message containing the Koobface worm.

Have you ever opened a message on Facebook, MySpace or any other social network was suspicious? Did it contain a link to view a video? Did you get the Koobface Worm?

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