Super Spyware Killer Removal Process

December 21, 2007

Super Spyware Killer is a new rogue anti-spyware program, which is a form of fake malicious software engineered by Internet hackers.

Super Spyware Killer is not a virus by itself, but it is a fake anti-spyware program. Do NOT purchase Super Spyware Killer under any circumstances since it is a fake anti-spyware software.

The following process will help you remove it from your system easily and safely.

Super Spyware Killer Manual Removal Process:

1. Click on the Start Menu button, then click on the Control Panel option, and then Double-click on the Add or Remove Programs icon.

2. Locate Super Spyware Killer and double-click on it to uninstall Super Spyware Killer. Follow the screen step-by-step screen instructions to complete uninstallation of Super Spyware Killer. Do not worry about this if you cannot find it in Add/Remove window. Simply skip to #5.

3. Restart the computer.

4. When it has completed uninstalling you can close Add or Remove Programs and your Control Panel.

5. Close all programs.

6. Search and delete the following infected entries in registry. If you do not know how to edit registry, click here to read more.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Super Spyware Killer

7. Stop Super Spyware Killer process. If you do not know how to stop a running process, click here to read more.

Super Spyware Killer.exe
Super Spyware Killer.lnk

If you do not know how to find it or having difficulties locating the file, click here to read more.

9. Rename the files that you found above to “foundbadfile1.dll” and "foundbadfile2.dll" (if you can not rename this file, then try to restart your computer in safe mode then try to rename this file.) If you don't know how to start the computer in safe mode, click here to read more.

10. Go to C:\Program Files\ folder and delete the “Super Spyware Killer" folder (if you can't delete it, reboot your computer to safe mode then delete the folder. Do not worry about it if you can't find this folder.)

11. Click here to bookmark this page (you will need to comeback to this page after reboot)
(If you are using Firefox click on Ctrl+D on your keyboard to bookmark this page)

12. Restart your computer

13. Go to your computer and delete the “foundbadfile1.dll” and “foundbadfile2.dll” file

14. You have just removed Super Spyware Killer from your computer manually.

Remove Super Spyware Killer with SmithfraudFix:

SmithfraudFix is a free tool that S!Ri created to remove fake anti-spyware programs. It can be risky so we cannot guarantee the result. Please use it with reservations. We would never recommend to purchase anything unless it's necessary. That's why we produce this free removal process.

1. Download SmithfraudFix tool and save it to your desktop.

2. Restart your computer and boot into Safe Mode. If you don't know how to start the computer in safe mode, click here to read more.

3. Double-click on the SmithfraudFix.exe icon then follow the screen instructions. Option #2 should be selected in this case.

4. When you are prompted with "Do you want to clean the registry ?", simply answer "Y".

5. Reboot.

6. You should have removed Super Spyware Killer from your computer. Sometimes it might take more than once to work properly. If SmithfraudFix removal tool does not work, which is in no-guarantee due to the nature of spyware, please refer to the manual removal steps above or purchase a legitimate removal tool if necessary.

(Disclaimers: These instructions are free and not guaranteed to work. Please use it at your own risks. We are not responsible for any damages.)

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