Twitter Users Plagued With Phishing Spam Attacks

January 5, 2009

Have you received a message on Twitter asking you to check out a funny blog about you?

Lately several reports have come in from Twitter users stating that they received a direct message from their online followers inviting them to visit a phishing website that is designed to steal their username and password.

Phishing is nothing new and should be taken very serious at it could result in theft of your identity. When using any social network such as Twitter it is best to always remember to never give out your username and password to anyone even if a message seems to have come from the admin.

The recent Twitter phishing attacks have come in a couple different messages. The two identified messages are similar to the following.

[image: sophos]
twitter phishing message image

Hey, i found a website with your pic on it… LOL check it out here


hey! check out this funny blog about you…

Both of the above Twitter messages are accompanied by a URL that redirects users to a phishing website where it attempts to steal your username and password. It is times like this that you wish these hackers who create phishing sites would get caught. More than likely hundreds if not thousands of Twitter users have fallen victim to this scam. If you are one of them then you must contact Twitters customer support immediately at

Twitter has also warned its users about the recent phishing attacks on their blog site at:

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