U.S. Cybersecurity Director Resigns – But Why?

March 9, 2009

The National Director of Cybersecurity also an author and Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Rod Beckstrom, has resigned.

The position that Rod Beckstrom held was one that involved forming a relevant cybersecurity policy for the better of the government as a whole in part of reporting to the US Department of Homeland Security. Some may speculate that Mr. Beckstrom’s office’s organization was one of the contributing factors to his resignation. The Wall Street Journal commented on his office stating Mr. Bechstrom’s office "was funded for just five weeks out of the past year and had just five people working in it. During the rest of the period, he borrowed staff and office space from other agencies."

While many new organizations and some of the newly appointed officials in government move to make changes and face unprecedented issues at hand the confusion begins. Information security is one task that is moving faster than ever and it may be very difficult to properly structure a fairly new setup or appointed officials to meet those demands.

Rod Beckstrom
[image credit: US department of homeland security dhs.gov]

We know firsthand how fast threats creep up on networks and effect direct or indirectly security infrastructures across the nation. Tackling a fast growing problem may be enough to make one resign from holding such a position as that of Rod Beckstrom. We are not staying that was the exact reason as we can only image the intensive task of combating cyber security threats and the over-all security infrastructure or any type of government or organization. Hackers are busier than ever and are not backing down at anything. Either way you put it, cybersecurity or the lack of, is a threat to all of us.

Why do you think Rod Beckstrom resigned?

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